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This is a list of Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger episodes. All of the episodes were written by Riku Sanjo. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article. Retrieved Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger. Characters Episodes Go-Busters vs. Categories : Super Sentai episodes.

Hidden categories: Articles with short description Articles containing Japanese-language text. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He's Here! The Red King [ edit ]. Millions of years after the extinction of dinosaursthe Deboth Army, who caused it, thaw from their Antarctic prison as its leader Chaos sends the Zorima to attack all corners of the world to finish what they have started with the human race as their new target.

But a group of Zorima at an island in the southern sea were hindered from terrorizing the islanders by an adventurous youth referring to himself "King" before by a mysterious bird man arrives to give the youth, Daigo Kiryu, a petrified gun before summoning a T-Rex that wipes out the remaining Zorima. Introducing himself, Wise God Torin reveals to Daigo that the Zorima groups sent to other parts of the world have been quickly thwarted by a new generation of warriors called the Kyoryugers.

After a month of punishment, Daigo manages to tame Gabutyra though his Gaburivolver is still petrified. But sensing the Deboth Army gathering their strength, Torin teleports Daigo to the Tiger Boy restaurant in Japan where the youth meets a flirt, worker, a strong girl, and a youth.

While the others end up in an argument, Daigo finds himself in Torin's Spirit Base and informs the curious deity of the amber pendant he got from his father.

Phim Power Rangers Dino Force Brave – Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Brave Ep 2 (VietSub)

By then, Torin senses Gabutyra attempting to kill the Debo Monster Debo Hyogakki —the one responsible for the dinosaurs' extinction. Despite knowing the Zyudenryu's reasons to keep him from harm, Daigo confronts the Zorima while winning the thawed Gabutyra's respect to allow him to transform into Kyoryu Red.

Though they prefer to remain anonymous, Daigo cancels his transformation as he introduces himself to the other Kyoryugers. Snapping Combination [ edit ]. Snapping Combination" Transcription: " Gaburincho! At the request of a girl named Rika Fukui and her friends, Daigo builds a T-Rex statue for an upcoming museum exhibit before he meets two of the people he met earlier at the Tiger Boy: Rika's uncle Nobuharu Udo and a rich girl named Amy Yuuzuki.

However, the tearful Sorrowful Knight Aigallon arrives and reluctantly fights Kyoryu Red until Kyoryu Black and Kyoryu Green arrive and teach the newbie how to use his personal weapon, forcing Debo Peshango to fall back while taking his frustration on the T-Rex statue.

When Daigo mentions he likes her resolve and that they can fight together, Kyoryu Blue reveals himself as Nobuharu while telling him that he doesn't know how it feels to worry about dragging his family into this. The next day, Nobuharu finds Daigo restoring the wooden sculpture and learns that he went to his Zyudenryu Stegotchi to learn how Rika got attacked by the Zorima before Nobuharu saved his niece. The Deboth Army then resume their attack with Amy finally revealing her fighting skills while instructing the shocked Gentle to take the children to safety.

Seeing Rika attempt to protect the statue from Debo Peshango, Nobuharu uses the statue to knock the Debo Monster back while realizing it is his need to protect his family is what makes him strong. With Gentle taking Rika to safety, the three Kyoryugers transform to fight the Zorima before going after Debo Peshango. The next day, the dinosaur exhibit ends with Gabutyra posing as Amy and Nobuharu understand Daigo well now.

Get Mad! The Slashing Brave [ edit ]. The Slashing Brave" Transcription: " Areru ze!Tobaspino later becomes Kyoryu Navy 's rightful partner. He is, essentially, a recolor of Gabutyra with some alterations. Eons later, Tobaspino was awoken and forcibly controlled by Deathryuger. He is Zyudenryu 00, as he was created before the 10 Great Zyudenryu were. When entering Battle Mode, the boomerang that would form one of SpinoDai-Oh's weapons pop up from within Tobaspino's spine.

During his time under Deathryuger's corruption, under guidance from his Flute Buster's dark melody, Tobaspino can bite any Zyudenryu that would make an intended body parts for the SpinoDai-Oh formation. Tobaspino was the first Zyudenryu to be created, before the 10 Great Zyudenryu. However, when Chaos learned of his existance, he retaliated by creating the first Knight, D. D, as the Ferocious Knight, drove Tobaspino insane, allowing him to take control of the Zyudenryu Tobaspino.

The two almost caused the extinction of the dinosaurs, but a human priestess nearby at the time began singing. Her song cleared Tobaspino's mind control, allowing him to defeat D. Soon after, he went deep underground to sleep, nearby what would later be the Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum. Fortunately, Tobaspino was saved thanks to Kyoryugers and Meeko who was the priestress' descendant.

He would be summoned again by the Kyoryugers in the battle against a revived D and a Prehistoric God Deboth. Allomerus with DeinoChaser and Stymero before they lost their bodies. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video?

Contents [ show ]. Categories :.So Serious! With Zorima stronger then normal infecting the city, Torin fears that Deboss' resurrection draws near. The appearance of Debo Nagareboshikiller of the dinosaurs, sends the Kyoryugers to seek help from the Spirit of kung-fu user Tessaithe first Kyoryuger. Finding themselves facing a group of Zorima as numerous as the day they first appearedthe Kyoryugers learn that their usual attacks have no effect on the horde as Torin fears the worse of what this means.

Brave 19: Kyawaeen! The Stolen Family

Once they destroyed the Zorima, the Kyoryugers find themselves facing an even stronger Debo Monster: Debo Nagareboshi. Luckily, Kyoryu Gold's aid drives Debo Nagareboshi back. In the Spirit Base, Torin reveals that the power boost the Zorima had is a sign that Deboth, the leader of the Deboth Army, is beginning to awaken. Curious of how to deal with this series of events, the Kyoryugers are formally introduced to Kyoryu Gray, a Spirit from China.

Admitting that he is disappointed in the main Kyoryugers' ability as he watched them fighting Debo Nagareboshi, he places the five in an illusion to put them through a series of trials in his arena while subjected to the Guardians' power.

While Ian, Nobuharu, Souji, and Amy pass after respectively suffering attacks from the Ovirappoo, Igeranodon, Archenolon, and Gurumonite Zyudenchi, they find Daigo was subjected to all four at once and passed his test first. Elsewhere, after paying his respect to his fallen Zetsumates comrades, Debo Nagareboshi heads out to get revenge on the Kyoryugers. Kyoryu Gray tells Utusemimaru not to participate in the fight, and instead decides to use the Debo Monster as a final test for the main Kyoryugers.

Luckily, Bunpachy arrives and defeats the monster much to the Kyoryugers' surprise. He explains that Daigo's lack of weakness makes him imbalanced, and Kyoryu Gray intends to give the Kyoryugers Bunpachy only if Daigo is removed from the team and Utsusemimaru made leader.

Kyoryu GrayBrave Caught! The Stolen Family and Brave Unlucky! Fortune at Tanabata. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video?Long ago in the time of dinosaurs, the Deboth Army invades Earth to the point of the extinction of the dinosaurs but they were defeated by Wise God Torin and the Zyudenryu during the first invasion.

In the present day, the Deboth Army resurface as they resume their invasion. To counter the revived threat, Torin selects five brave individuals who must defeat their respective Zyudenryu first in order to acquire their powers to become the "People of the Strong Dragons", the Kyoryugers. Yamato Kinjo, who portrays Nobuharu Udo, turns 30 within the year and spoke of how he felt it might be difficult to portray a hero to children so much younger than he is.

Critics have noted a drastic shift in the casting of Kyoryuger. Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger: The Movieand are the protagonists of the following films:. The event of the movie takes place between Brave 10 and Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger vs. Saraba Eien no Tomo yo was released in theaters on January 18, The event of the movie takes place between Brave 36 and Ressha Sentai ToQger vs.

The film was released in Japanese theaters on January 17, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: List of Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger characters. Main article: List of Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger episodes.

Main article: Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger vs. Farewell Our Eternal Friends. Main article: Heisei Rider vs. Super Sentai. Main article: Ressha Sentai ToQger vs. Kyoryuger: The Movie. The Tokusatsu Network. Retrieved Anime News Network. January 1, Retrieved January 1, January 7, Retrieved January 7, January 8, Retrieved January 9, January 2, Retrieved January 2, January 27, Retrieved January 27, It is the first appearance of Pteraiden-Oh Bunpachy.

After meeting a spoiled boy named Yuji, Utsusemimaru discovers that the boy's parents are under the thrall of Debo Kyawaeena Debo Monster so cute it kidnaps parents away from their children.

While training, Utsusemimaru finds himself in a predicament with the overprotective parents of a spoiled boy named Yuji. Later finding Yuji, Utsusemimaru tries to get Yuji to be independent but finds himself at the boy's mercy.

But once taking Yuji to his house, Utsusemimaru finds the boy replaced by an adorable Debo Monster named Debo Kyawaeen.

zyuden sentai kyoryuger episode 2

Finding Aigaron to be behind it, Utsusemimaru transforms yet finds himself unable to fight Debo Kyawaeen before she overwhelms him in her true form. Taking the tun of events hard as the other Kyoryugers learn that Debo Kyawaeen took other doting parents, Utsusemimaru tries to convince Yuji to be independent. The next day, Yuji is captured by Luckyuro and taken to Debo Kyawaeen to be subjected to watching his parents fawn over her.

However, expecting this, Utsusemimaru arrives but finds as the parents grab him while Yuji is knocked down. Utsusemimaru convinces the boy to get back up as Yuji retrieves the man's Gaburi Changer. Shocking the parents while driving Aigaron and Luckyuro away, Utsusemimaru is joined by the other Kyoryugers as he transforms.

The next day, Utsusemimaru is visited by a changed Yuji as he makes his way to school. Kyoryu GrayBrave Caught! The Stolen Family and Brave Unlucky! Fortune at Tanabata. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Contents [ show ]. Categories :.The ten assembled! Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger! The Kyoryugers are the 37th Super Sentai that protected the Earth. Described as a combination of "dinosaurs plus humans", these warriors, partnered with robotic dinosaurs known as the Zyudenryufight the Deboth Armywhose aim is to bring forth the extinction of the humans on Earth.

These are independent "Kyoryugers" or those who identify with the team "Kyoryugers".

zyuden sentai kyoryuger episode 2

A century later, their powers, along with Kyoryu Blue's, were utilized by a new team. The origin of the Kyoryugers lay in Wise God Torintheir humanoid bird-like mentor who existed for billions of years.

zyuden sentai kyoryuger episode 2

However, Torin came to love the planet's beauty and resolved to protect Earth's life forms. He bonded with the dinosaurs and helped them oppose the Deboth Army, several dinosaurs from different species having agreed to be modified to become the Zyudenryu. Though he was unable to save the dinosaurs from the mass extinction caused by the invasion, watching his partner Bragigas sacrifice himself to damage their enemy's heart, Torin managed to freeze Deboth's body while scarring his older brother Hundred-Faced High Priest Chaos.

Mortally wounded from the battle, Torin used what remained of Bragigas to create the Spirit Base under the "Golden Land", the mass of land that would become Japan, and dedicated himself to keep the Deboth Army from fully resurrecting.

Zyudenryu Tobaspino

Having met a race of prehistoric people who lived alongside the dinosaurs and hearing their music, Torin was inspired to form the Kyoryugers to fight the Deboth Army whenever they resurface over the ages. The first Kyoryuger was Tessaia focused martial artist from 6th century China.

When the Deboth Army, led by Debo Nagareboshi of the Zetsumatesattacked his homeland long ago, Tessai became the partner of the eighth of the Ten Great ZyudenryuBunpachy and fought the threat as Kyoryu Gray while hiding his personal fear of losing his loved ones.

Utsusemimaru defeated the sixth Zyudenryu, Pteragordonbecoming its partner, Kyoryu Gold. However, Chaos formulated a scheme with Raging Knight Dogold to slaughter anyone with whom Utsusemimaru had been in contact with to incite him into rage. Once he had fallen into their trap, Utsusemimaru was sealed within Dogold's body as part of Chaos's plan to control Pteragordon.

Utsusemimaru was presumed dead but manifest as a Spirit. In the early 17th century, a European man named Ramirez would become Kyoryu Cyanpartnered with the seventh Zyudenryu, Ankydon.

Together they fought against the Zetsumate Debo Viruson. Though both Ramirez and Tessai eventually passed away, they were able to live on as Spirit Rangers due to the bond with their Zyudenryu, allowing them to aid the present day Kyoryugers. Towards the late 20th century, Torin found a man named Dantetsu Kiryu who was bathed in the Light of the Earth while traveling with his infant son, Daigogaining the ability to hear the planet's melody.

Torin referred to Dantetsu as mankind's King. Torin also met the genius scientist Doctor Ulshadewho defeated the ninth Zyudenryu, Plezuonto forge a pact and become Kyoryu Violet. Ulshade invented and mass-produced the Zyuden Arms weapons with his voice programmed into them, which would be used by the five modern day Kyoryugers.

Ulshade fought the Deboth Army while taking care of his young granddaughter Yayoiwho would become the new Kyoryu Violet when she grew up. Around a decade after he first heard the Earth's melody, sensing the Deboth Army gathering strength, Dantetsu left the young Daigo with his amber pendant and a handful of money as he embarked on a dangerous journey of finding the Lost Stones.

The Deboth Army had thawed from their Antarctic prison as Chaos sent the Zorima to attack all corners of the world to finish what they have started with the human race as their new target. But a group of Zorima at an island in the southern sea were hindered from terrorizing the islanders by the now grown up Daigo Kiryu, who referred to himself "King".

Torin arrived to give the young man a petrified Gaburivolver before summoning the first Zyudenryu, Gabutyrato wipe out the remaining Zorima. Introducing himself, Torin revealed to Daigo that the Zorima groups sent to other parts of the world had been quickly thwarted by a new generation of warriors called the Kyoryugers.

Torin added that Daigo must tame Gabutyra in combat to become the fifth Kyoryuger. After a month of punishment, Daigo managed to tame Gabutyra though his Gaburivolver was still petrified. While the others end up in an argument, Daigo found himself in Torin's Spirit Base and informed him of the amber pendant he got from his father.

By then, Torin senses Gabutyra attempting to kill the Debo Monster Debo Hyogakki —the one responsible for the dinosaurs' extinction.Kyoryu Pink.

Kyoryu Pink Armed On. When Ami-neesan became the second Kyoryu Pink inshe required only one Dricera Zyudenchi to transform into this mode, bypassing her default form. As a pink key, it is primarily used by Ahim de Famille Gokai Pink.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Amy Yuuzukithe first Kyoryu Pink. Dohee Yun Brave Kyoryu Pink. Contents [ show ]. Kyoryu Pink "Gaburincho: Dricera! Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters vs. The Gaburivolver of Courage Brave 5: Boom!

The Cavities of Ankydon Brave 6: Stop! Sing, Candelilla Brave 7: Angry! Pteraiden-Oh Brave Zandar! How Cool Brave Attack! The King and I Brave Snip!

Brave 2: Gaburincho! Biting Combination

Spirit Base Brave How Irritating! Dogold's Ambition ' Brave Digging! My Treasure Brave So Serious! Kyoryu Gray Brave Caught! The Stolen Family Brave Unlucky! Tanabata's Windfall Brave Zoom! Plezuon's Back Brave It Can't be! Deboth Revived Brave Stand! Armed On Midsummer Festival!!


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